Our new community day care centre in Crook is open. Experience our new Sensory in Mind rooms in Stockton.

Sensory in Mind

Stimulate your senses

Based in Stockton-on-Tees, Sensory in Mind offer a wide range of sensory equipment which includes a vibroacoustic waterbed, superb lighting and various relaxation areas.

Our sensory environment offers people of all ages a safe place in which they can learn, enjoy, explore, and receive support. Whether for stimulation of the senses, learning and interaction, or complete relaxation, entering a space that is calming and peaceful allows one also to become calm and peaceful.

At Sensory in Mind, we take great pride in our first-class facilities that will assist and enrich so many lives. A multi-sensory environment can allow the user to control their surroundings, offering a sense of empowerment.

Sensory in Mind Sensory Rooms are available for the whole community to hire by the hour or to accept referrals from local authorities or other professionals. 

Our intimate sensory room is for 1-4 people. There are many choices of scenes for all ages and abilities. Exercise or relaxation for body and mind, the programmes available can help sleep, education, phobia relief and much more. 

Experience ‘Sensory in Mind’ to feel the wide range of benefits this therapy can bring.

Sensory Rooms

The concept of a Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) is widely accepted as an effective therapy for people with varying needs and their carers/caregivers and is equally effective for anyone of any age in need of relaxation or stimulation of the primary senses.

The multi-sensory environment provides the user with the means to control their space and what is happening. It can empower the caregiver to find the optimum level of stimulation for energising or relaxing the user. The effects will often carry over outside the space into other activities (such as in home life), reducing anxiety and stress, stimulating speech, language, and co-ordination, or acting as a reward.

The most effective use of our sensory facilities is found on a one-to-one basis with supervision and caregiver interaction being vital components. Without an aim or understanding of what can be achieved and how to work towards achieving that aim, the experience of a session is surely wasted.

As we’ve mentioned, the sensory rooms are at our Stockton centre. The full address is Community in Mind, 80-82 Norton Road, Stockton on Tees, County Durham TS18 2DE.

All our Sensory Rooms are available for any age or ability to hire.

Prices : £7.00 per adult per hour 

              £5.00 per child per hour 

Please call to book a space – there will be a maximum of 4 groups in any one hour period. 

If you require the room for larger groups or longer periods, please contact us for prices. 

To book call – 01642 573 918

We look forward to your call. 


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