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Services for Young Adults

Support and guideance when it's needed

Community in Mind provides services for young adults with mild learning disabilities who are transitioning from childhood to adult life and so we are here to offer support, guidance and encouragement as they approach the next step after leaving the comfort of school/college.

This will include seeking employment, carrying out daily living skills independently and safely, learning new skills such as cooking and cleaning and making friends and having fun in a safe managed social setting.

We will offer a variety of robust, supportive and exciting programs to help young adults reach and realise their full potential, which will include the opportunity to design and make items to hopefully sell on as a small business, this will give them the chance to feel successful and that they have achieved something which is unique to them, it will also give them the budgeting skills and financial awareness which may be required in their daily lives whilst giving a sense of accomplishment.

We will be there to support these young adults with a variety services to allow them to hopefully live, or prepare to live, on their own, as these skills will aim to enhance their independence, confidence and safety with all daily living skills.

Community in Mind aims to provide our Young Adults with some positive outcomes which include:

  • Support to Improve health and well-being
  • Reduced isolation and loneliness
  • Increased motivation to live independently in their own home
  • Improved self-confidence to know they can do it
  • Social skills and communication with your other peers.
  • Improved nutrition and hydration through our excellent menu and choice of modern take on some old fashioned menus
  • Meeting old and new friends weekly.
  • Having some fun whilst learning new things and doing new weekly tasks.

Financial safety

To help teach the individuals to better manage their personal finances with a view of building more fulfilling, financially secure, and sustainable futures for themselves.


Household chores

To give you the confidence to live independently we will help you to safely use everyday equipment that includes, washing machine, hoover and the ironing board!

Route Planning

Route Planning

Helping you to plan your journeys by using local transport app’s, local maps etc…, this will give that freedom and confidence to travel places safely and independently.


Music and Dance

From a singalong to a disco from the 00’s to the 2020’s, join us singing and dancing to enhance memory and stability skills whilst having fun.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking

Feel confident in the kitchen, and learn the modern way of cooking simple and nutritional meals as this will support you to cook your family and friends a meal to enjoy.

Arts and Crafts

Art and Crafts

Designing and making of anything from Jewellery to a shabby chic set of drawers, this will give you the knowledge of creating something that is unique to you.

Health Screening

Health Screening

We will work with other health professionals to offer you health screening in safe and quiet environment, to assure that you are getting the correct information and support.


Games and Puzzles

From traditional jigsaws to human hungry hippos, we have a variety of fun and exciting games to play, to help improve cognitive skills, concentration and so much more.

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